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Business Partner, Agent Wanted.

Business Partner, Agent Wanted.

We are looking for business partners from around the world. Please contact us if you wish to explore the market with us, including: 

1. Enterprises handling machinery related to the food industry;
2. Companies that have technical and customer service capabilities
3. Enterprises with service spaces and offices. 
4. Please present your company information and sales plan. 

Companies that handle our competitors' items or operate the same items are not eligible. However, if it is necessary to do business with our products, please provide us with a clear sales plan.

Contact information:
Sales Dept.  : ck@propackco.com
Mobile phone.: +82-10-2408-5730 

Eulsung Auto Pack Co.,Ltd.
78, Seokcheon-ro, 494-Gil, Bucheon City, Korea
Tel : +82-32-6775730 Fax: +82-32-677-5734
E-mail: propack@propackco.com

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